“That which has been believed always, everywhere and by all”


In the news and on Old Roman TV…

RORATE CÆLI: The Council and the Eclipse of God by Don Pietro Leone: CHAPTER 10 (Part 6b). III. FEATURES OF THE TEXTS INFLUENTIAL FOR PROMOTING THE COUNCIL’S WORK (continued): 4. Novelty; 5.Deceit;

We observed above that the Council’s mandate was from the very beginning presented as an aggiornamento, or bringing up-to-date, of the Catholic Church, and we have seen an explicit example of this in the section on religious reform. The same intent, as we also mentioned above, is expressed by the use of the phrase ‘signs

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Lessons from St. John the Baptist — Integrated Catholic Life™

St. John the Baptist is proclaimed by Jesus as the greatest of the Old Testament Prophets sent to prepare Israel for the time when the Messiah would make His appearance. As we see in the above quote, the Prophet Isaiah, centuries before, foretold the coming and mission of John. St. John is also recognized as

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