Catholic — News Report — Communion Service in Drag – YouTube

Mackenzie Scott Donates Millions to Controversial Group Outspoken on Catholic Issues, Religious Freedom| National Catholic Register

Several million dollars from the Amazon fortune of Jeff Bezos’ former wife Mackenzie Scott have funded a controversial multireligious advocacy

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VICE News Writeup Highlights Impact of Pro-Family Group – CatholicVote org

CV NEWS FEED // A recent VICE News profile of the American Principles Project shows just how much impact the

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When the Red Cross supports chastity – Catholic World Report

While the American Red Cross supports sexual expression through condom distribution, it also values the virtue of chastity, at least

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LIVE | EWTN News Nightly | Wednesday, June 30, 2021 – YouTube

Catholic — News Report — Carmelites in the Crosshairs – YouTube

Britney Spears Shows the Truth of ‘Humanae Vitae’| National Catholic Register

udge “The X Factor,” and choreograph and star in their own Las Vegas show.  Fans of Britney Spears became convinced

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The Catholics | Full Movie | Full HD | – YouTube

Vatican suppresses Italy-based lay movement founded by alleged visionary

ROME — With the approval of Pope Francis, the Vatican has ordered the dissolution of an Italy-based lay movement, citing

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