The Christian Institute – cohabitation equal to marriage?

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The Women and Equalities Committee is proposing that cohabiting couples should be given parallel legal rights to married couples. A call for evidence closes on 4 July. Please respond today. Under the Committee’s plans, the finances of cohabiting couples that split up or where one party dies would be handled as if the couple were married. But giving legal rights that mimic those of marriage to cohabiting couples devalues the currency of marriage. Cohabitation is increasing, which is detrimental to couples, children, and society. Marriage is God’s design, and the evidence shows how this benefits all concerned. Couples living together without being married is far more transitory and unstable, and must not be treated as equivalent to marriage. If cohabitees are given legal rights, cohabitation will be encouraged, with disastrous results. The Committee complains that those who cohabit “currently have less legal protection than those who are married”. But this is because these couples, who are free to marry, have chosen not to. The Committee also argues that there is “a widespread perception that cohabiting partners have similar or identical rights to those who are married”. This is no reason to change the law, but rather to make sure that people understand the benefits and privileges – as well as the responsibilities – that marriage brings. Please make a submission against the Committee’s plans, using the guidance and tips for what to say below. Please pray that these plans to undermine marriage will not go ahead, and instead that marriage will be honoured by all in our society.

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