Today’s Rosary recitation; Sorrowful mysteries

Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJVPosted by

Join others from around the world to pray in real time together online! Following the broadcast of the Angelus, a live recitation of the holy Rosary with meditations and viewers’ intentions shared and prayed for every Ave of every decade.

The Angelus & Rosary
BROADCAST LIVE FROM 1800hrs GMT+1 [British Summer Time]

Viewers are warmly encouraged to post intentions in the comments on whatever platform they are watching the recitation from e.g. YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. The intentions are then shared on the screen during the recitation for others to read and pray for them.

The recitation is offered in Latin and in English, alternating between the preliminary prayers and the decades. Bilingual translations are posted on the screen during the broadcast.

The recitation lasts anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour depending on the length of the meditations which are shorter on days when programmes follow the recitation at 1845 (Mon/Sat).

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