Deo gratias! Subscribers! hit 1’000 viewers today just over a week since launching! We’ve received many appreciative compliments about the clear presentation and ease of navigation of this new website and for the variety and quality of content. is conceived to be a “one stop shop” for “Old Romans” i.e. Traditional Catholics to get the latest news, analysis and commentary of interest to Tradition from around the world.

Also today we hit 500 subscribers to our channel – half way to our goal of 1’000 channel subscribers needed to monetise the channel for income! If you haven’t already, please subscribe and encourage others to do so too!

Old Roman TV is purposed primarily to provide daily devotional content for orthodox Catholics around the world who may not have the advantage of a Traditional chapel nearby. Together with regular spiritual and catechetical conferences complimenting the daily Mass, Angelus broadcasts and Rosary, Old Roman TV hopes to be a source of encouragement, education and consolation.

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