BREAKING “Traditiones Custodes” new motu proprio on the Latin Mass

The motu proprio “Traditiones Custodes” issued today abrogates the previous legislation of “Summorum Pontificum” insofar as it differs from the terms of the new legislation.

Basically –

  • All priests have to obtain permission to celebrate the EF, stating their acceptance of the Liturgical Reforms of Vatican II.
  • Priests ordained after today need a further permission.
  • No new groups may be founded using the EF.
  • A priest is to be appointed to administer the EF in each diocese
  • All Ecclesia Dei communities are now under Congregation for Religious.
  • The EF is now under CDWDS rather than the CDF.
  • Readings at Mass are to be in vernacular.
  • A Bishop may determine on which days EF may be celebrated.
  • A Bishop may designate one or more places in his diocese where the EF may be celebrated. Such a place may not be a parish church.

Full text here

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