One of the First Pilgrimages to Rome After the Pandemic | EWTN News Nightly – YouTube

US birth rate for 2020 hits record low | News Headlines | Catholic Culture

CWN Editor’s Note: The US birth rate for the past 12 months is estimated at 0.35%, the lowest on record.

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Historic Vatican trial may change Catholic Church’s finances forever

A historic trial of 10 companies and individuals, including a cardinal, on charges including corruption and fraud may reconfigure everything

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Recent target of NY pro-abortion protests speaks out – Catholic World Report

After pro-abortion protesters obstructed a July 10 pro-life rosary procession in Brooklyn, a priest leading the procession compared it to

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Fernando Karadima, Former Priest Whose Sex-Abuse Scandal Rocked Chile, Dies at 90| National Catholic Register

According to Reuters, while one news report said that Karadima died Monday, CNN Chile showed a death certificate indicating that

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Traditionis Custodes: Novus Ordo vs TLM; Which represents the holy Sacrifice of Calvary? – YouTube

Contrasting the two “forms” of the Roman Rite, the Novus Ordo Missae vs the Traditional Latin Mass; both claim to

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Divine transformation: Ex-Alaska strip club becomes church

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A popular strip club that once beckoned customers off a busy highway leading into Anchorage is

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Pope Francis’s scarlet letter – Catholic World Report

Consider two groups of Catholics:  First, divorced Catholics who disobey the Church’s teaching by forming a “new union” in which

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Why the Latin Mass is Bringing Young People Back to Mass – YouTube

Double Standards for Trads: Pope Francis and Latin Mass, Fr Altman vs Msgr “Grinder” Burrill – YouTube

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