California priest: Pope Francis ‘spreads … confusion like a virus’ | News | LifeSite

N.J. archdiocese reviews app data, raises concerns about data collection – The Catholic Sun

After being made aware of a “published media report with information inferring possible inappropriate software app use by certain clergy”

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Latin Mass or no Latin Mass, we need a better appreciation of the liturgy – Detroit Catholic: Read Catholic News & Stories

Fresh from his 10-day stay in the hospital, Pope Francis dropped a Friday bombshell when he released his document, issued

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Are There Limits to Papal Authority?

‘Traditionis Custodes,’ ‘Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus,’ and the Limits of Papal Authority –

Implicit in that passage is the terrifying notion that the Roman Church’s own liturgical tradition bears within it the seeds

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Vatican real estate deal trial gets underway with defense on the attack

On the opening day of the trial of 10 defendants accused of a wide range of financial crimes in regard

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Silencing the Traditional Latin Mass — Cui Bono? Who Benefits?| National Catholic Register

Twenty years ago I edited my first Catholic book — a booklet on Pope St. John Paul II’s new Luminous

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ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA NOVENA : DAY 6 | Patron for difficult times; the Society of Jesus, etc. – YouTube

Mother Angelica Live Classics – Reparation and Restitution – YouTube

On Charity, by Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn – YouTube