There is Misinformation, Damn Misinformation, and the Internet – The American Catholic

“The most offensive is not their lying – one can always forgive lying – lying is a delightful thing, for

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Bishops Divided On Religious Exemption for Vaccines – CatholicVote org

The U.S. bishops have divided over whether to grant religious exemptions to Catholics seeking to avoid mandated Covid-19 vaccines. While

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Sue finds God’s blessings among the school kids – The Catholic Leader

THE first time Sue Williams set foot in a classroom as a teacher she knew she was where she was

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EWTN Celebrates 40 Years: Witness to Providence| National Catholic Register

Reliance on God’s providence has been at the core of EWTN from its foundation. Forty years ago, on Aug. 15,

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First Nations, Catholics work at North Vancouver residential school site | Crux Now

NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Three First Nations are working with the Archdiocese of Vancouver to look for remains of

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Free speech victory: Eton Master cleared by teaching watchdog after being sacked over gender lecture

Will Knowland’s YouTube lecture discussed how ‘a world without men would be awful for women’ due men being stronger Free

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Is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary happened here? The story of Tomb of Mary in Jerusalem – YouTube

Nigerian bishops’ spokesman cautious about surrender of extremists | Crux Now

LAGOS, Nigeria — As at least 1,000 Boko Haram extremists laid down their weapons and asked for forgiveness, a spokesman

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Israel condemns Poland restitution law, recalls top diplomat | Crux Now

WARSAW, Poland — Israel on Saturday condemned Poland’s approval of a law that restricts the rights of Holocaust survivors or

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Scrap the BBC? Rod Liddle on BBC Bias & his time as Editor of Radio 4’s flagship Today programme – YouTube