Taming the Tongue- Your Words Create Your World – YouTube

The Speeding Nun! – YouTube

A visit to the place where Jesus was crucified and resurrected, including a rare video of the tomb – YouTube

Church Militant – Evening News – YouTube

Sanity in a Time of Diabolic Disorientation – YouTube

Court upholds death sentence for church shooter Dylann Roof

The 4th Circuit found that the trial judge did not commit an error when he found Roof was competent to

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French TV Channel Threatened with Punishment After Airing ‘Unplanned’| National Catholic Register

Calling the movie a “despicable anti-abortion propaganda tool, the French government is now looking to penalize the broadcast network for

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Women deacons’ commission to hold first meeting

Almost two years since Pope Francis announced he would be re-forming a commission on the female diaconate, The Tablet can report it

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New Liturgical Movement: Two Franco-Flemish Polyphonic Masses

Here are a couple of more wins for YouTube’s suggestions algorithm, two very nice Masses of the late Franco-Flemish school

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Reconquista – site d’information de la Fidélité Catholique: Mgr Lefebvre eut raison – I

Dans son Motu Proprio « Traditionis Custodes », le Pape François s’évertue à éteindre le rite traditionnel séculaire de la Messe en

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