In Not Of..Hurricane Ida w/ Boss – YouTube

Vatican trial rivalry, Pope champions Afghan people: Last Week in the Church with John Allen Jr. | Crux Now

Final US plane leaves Afghanistan as America ends 20-year war

Taliban declares ‘full independence’ as its fighters fire guns in the air in celebration Final US plane leaves Afghanistan as

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Meditation Isn’t Mere Therapy — It’s a Living Relationship With Almighty God| National Catholic Register

Mental health has received greater emphasis this lockdown year — isolation, loss of jobs and businesses, the effect on churches

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Handing on the Faith

It’s hard to imagine that anyone who ever raised children found it an entirely easy job. Challenging, exciting, often rewarding—yes.

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‘OK millennial’: Don’t blame the boomers for decline of religion in America

The generation born in the two decades after World War II has long touted itself as the revolutionary religious demographic

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The 14 cardinals who will speak at the Eucharistic Congress in Budapest – YouTube

Pediatricians File Lawsuit Against Biden’s Mandate that Doctors Perform Transgender Procedures on Children

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is joining with other medical professionals in a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s mandate

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New book ‘God’s Diplomats’ unveils the secret history of Vatican diplomacy

One of the Vatican’s most important but least studied departments is actually one of its most extensive: the massive network

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