Church Militant – Evening News – YouTube

Solo Female Traveller in Afghanistan (What is Kabul Like) – YouTube

The Internet Is DESTROYING Religion w/ Trent Horn – YouTube

UPDATE on the Vulnerable People Project’s efforts to rescue trapped Afghani Christians – YouTube

Virginia Supreme Court Reinstates Teacher who Objected to Transgender Pronoun Mandate| National Catholic Register

Virginia’s Supreme Court has sided with a teacher after he challenged a school district mandate of affirming transgender identities. Byron

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California, LA County both to pay $400,000 settlement to John MacArthur’s church

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday (Aug. 31) voted to authorize a $400,000 payment to settle a

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The Remnant Newspaper – Vindicating the Mother of God against False Apparitions

Donal Anthony Foley. Medjugorje Complete: The Definitive Account of the Visions and Visionaries. Foreword by Dr. Manfred Hauke; Preface by

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On Praying And Fighting Against Evil

One of the most formative experiences in my own journey with the Lord was an opportunity I had to go

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31 August – The Church Triumphant and a Patron Saint for “Cancelled” Priests | Fr. Z’s Blog

Unless you are either a true student of a) history, b) hagiography, or c) liturgy, you might have no idea

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Baptizing Bitcoin? What Catholics Should Know About Cryptocurrency| National Catholic Register

Where some see opportunities to protect the integrity of wealth and aid struggling nations, others warn about speculation, predation and

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