Biden ‘Deeply Committed’ to Legal Abortion, After Texas’ Pro-Life Law Goes Into Effect| National Catholic Register

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said his administration is “deeply committed” to upholding legal abortion, after Texas’ pro-life “heartbeat” law

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Pope Francis Interview: His resignation, Latin Mass, German bishops and more – YouTube

A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward – YouTube

ASK FATHER: Is it OK to get a divorce if you do not intend to get remarried? | Fr. Z’s Blog

Is it OK to get a divorce if you do not intend to get remarried? Although I admit to all

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New Liturgical Movement: Two Medieval Choir Screens

Here is a really enjoyable presentation about two medieval choir screens, one of the early 13th century at the abbey

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Church: Talks on Sri Lankan blasts require gov’t credibility | Crux Now

A Sri Lankan Catholic leader has said the government must win back the confidence of the church before the two

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German Christian Democratic chancellor candidate has been active Catholic | Crux Now

Armin Laschet, candidate for chancellor of Germany’s ruling Christian Democratic Union, hopes to succeed Angela Merkel to the highest German

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7 Lost Catholic Traditions And Why We Need To Bring Them Back | The Catholic Gentleman

How Do You Heal Wounds? Part 2/2 ~ Fr Ripperger – YouTube

Pope Francis urges politicians to pass technology laws that protect human dignity – YouTube

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