Tell BBC no children’s pornography!

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RETURN TO ORDER In a tweet spread sent out by a radio magazine program, The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) suggested the possibility of “age-appropriate porn” [sic] to “teach” teenagers about pornography. According to reports:

BBC Woman’s Hour asked social media followers to submit opinions about ‘the best way to inform teenagers’ about ‘age-appropriate porn.’

The women’s radio magazine program — which has been on the air since 1946 — tweeted on [August 3]: ‘What’s the best way to inform teenagers about porn? Should there be age-appropriate porn as has been suggested so they can learn about consent and what’s respectful and what’s not? What do you think? Email us your opinions.’…

“As Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard recently explained to The Daily Wire, sex traffickers rely upon pornographic material to ripen children for abuse: ‘If they can get access, they will try to desensitize them by showing them sexual things.’ “

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The consequences of this would be devastating. Besides the destruction of innocence and the addiction to pornography, which is already a pandemic, there is also the danger that these under-age teenagers would emulate the perverse things they see.

Worse, teaching “age-appropriate” pornography and softening it with “consent” can very well lead to the worse sexual crimes: “consensual” pedophilia.

We must nip this danger in the bud.

Please sign our petition, demanding an unreserved apology from BBC for even suggesting pornography should be available to minors.


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