Brutal Boris & Extinction Rebellion mayhem – The Week in 60 Minutes | SpectatorTV – YouTube

News Roundup 09/16/2021 – YouTube

The World Over September 16, 2021 | Papal Posse with Raymond Arroyo: POPE: Pastoral NOT Political – YouTube

Another Strange Golden Idol Incident For Francis – YouTube

WATCH FULL INTERACTION: Norwich Sergeant argues causing offence is equivalent to assault – YouTube

The chief constable of Norfolk police has refused to condemn an officer who said that offending someone was the equivalent

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Majority in U.S. Says Public Health Benefits of COVID-19 Restrictions Worth the Costs, Even as Large Shares Also See Downsides | Pew Research Center

More than a year and a half into the coronavirus outbreak, large shares of Americans continue to see the coronavirus

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Benedict XVI: Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage is ‘A Distortion of Conscience’| National Catholic Register

The question of same-sex marriage, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI continued, is not a question of being “a little more broadminded

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Catholics in Belarus welcome new archbishop amid continued repression | Crux Now

WARSAW, Poland — Catholic leaders in Belarus welcomed a new head for its archdiocese after a nine-month interregnum, although some

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Pope Francis insults Cardinal Burke: Dr Taylor Marshall Podcast #752 – YouTube

Viability — And Maybe ‘Roe v. Wade’ — Goes on Trial| National Catholic Register

In the context of the national controversy triggered by Texas’ new pro-life heartbeat bill, legal experts advise that it’s another

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