“Overcome Beliefs That Hold Back” – Francis Hammers on…

Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJVPosted by

During a Saturday address to representatives of the Roman Diocese, Francis de facto said that a two-year “synodal process” which leads to a 2023 synod is not about “gathering opinions” but about imposing them – in Francis’ jargon: about “listening to what the Spirit wants for the Church” and about “being open to the God [= Francis] “of surprises.”

Stuck in his mantras, Francis called again for “preparing to be surprised and prepare for surprises.” Francis’ conformist “surprises” are very predictable.

In order to give emphasis to his verbiage he banged several times on the tableshouting that “it may be necessary to leave, to change direction, to overcome beliefs that hold back and prevent us from moving and walking together” – as if this had not been done for decades with the well-known results.

Francis admitted that his 40 minute speech was “very long” but went on with endless blunder phrases like “dynamism of mutual listening.”

An acclaimed promoter of perversions, Francis used a red herring by spotting “perversion” in what he called “clericalism” that detaches priests and bishops from “the people” – much like Francis who refuses to meet his cardinals and is accessible only a selected circle.

With rigid obsession he inevitably came back to his “rigidity” which he called “a sin against God’s [= Francis’] patience” and “against this sovereignty of God [= Francis].” The last example of Francis rigidity and legalism is Traditionis Custodes.


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