Op-ed: Preserving the Hyde Amendment and Protecting the Vulnerable – The Catholic Sun

rotecting the vulnerable, especially innocent human life, should always be a primary goal of the government. As Congress prepares to

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Abbot Tryphon Banned from AFR! – YouTube

The Rundown! (09.17.21) – YouTube

EWTN News Nightly | Tuesday, September 21, 2021 – YouTube

On “EWTN News Nightly” tonight: President Joe Biden told global leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York that

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Richmond bishop tries to laicize priest for blogging about clergy sex abuse – YouTube

In this exclusive interview, Father Mark White explains how a simple blog discussing clerical sex abuse and the Theodore McCarrick

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Is Brexit really to blame for shortages? With Andrew Adonis | SpectatorTV – YouTube

Is Brexit to blame for food shortages? And are changes in the labour market leading to rising wages? We’ll be

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Faith and Evidence (Aquinas 101) – YouTube

Is there sufficient evidence to believe in the mysteries of the Christian faith? What we believe is no lie, legend,

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Diocesan administrator: Spanish Catholic bishop’s resignation ‘perplexing’, but his person must be respected

Bishop Xavier Novell Gomà, Bishop Emeritus of Solsona./ Conferencia Episcopal Española via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) By Blanca Ruiz Solsona, Spain,

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Popes on a Plane: The Latest Francis Interview

Pope Francis held a press conference on his flight back from Slovakia, and as always with his in-flight interviews, it

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Abortion Doctor Sued Under Texas Abortion Law| National Catholic Register

Dr. Alan Braid, a San Antonio abortion doctor, announced in a recent op-ed that he had violated Texas’ new law

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