Pope gives Woelki temporary ‘break’ from duties

Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJVPosted by

The Pope has not accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki but has instead granted him a break from his duties from the end of October until the start of Lent next year.

V strong statement by Bätzing…..

“Rome is clearly trying to use these decisions to bring movement into the serious crisis situation with regard to the trust in the leadership of the episcopal office, which is a heavy burden on the Archdiocese of Cologne and radiates far beyond that on the Church in our country. The decision in favour of Cardinal Woelki reminds me in some ways of the Roman approach with regard to my predecessor in Limburg.

“What is said in the note on the determination of Cardinal Woelki’s will to come to terms with it is on the one hand true, on the other hand it leaves many of those affected perplexed and injured in view of the situation that has arisen. It also affects other dioceses that have already begun to come to terms with it in such a way that they have been able to contribute to a large extent to renewal and reconciliation.”


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