Self-Defence: Priest Who Refused Communion BEATEN –

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A middle-aged man defended himself with an umbrella against two priests and a sacristan after one of the priests had refused Holy Communion to him.

Self-Defence: Priest Who Refused Communion BEATEN –

This happened after a September 20 Mass in Oviedo Cathedral, Spain, at which the abusive priest tried to force the man to grab Communion with his hand.

The man left but appeared in the sacristy after Mass confronting the priest who didn’t show any remorse. Thus, the faithful resorted to self-defence punishing him and another priest and a sacristan who fought on the side of the priest.

The abusive priest complained to (September 21) that “this was a very unpleasant event.” He was allegedly “injured” in the forhead and a sacristan in the back of the head.

Picture: Catedral de Oviedo © wikicommons, CC BY-SA#newsOrunryystj

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