Victor Borge & The Opera Singer – YouTube

Rood Screens: Where they come from and how to use them – YouTube

A priest’s prayers before and after making his own confession | Fr. Z’s Blog

In this these troubling times, I suspect many priests, discerning the particular need and/or in good discipline, will seek to

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Building an SSPX church – one year later

Old Romans Unscripted – LIVE NOW YouTube

The Old Roman Unscripted team from both sides of the Atlantic discuss the week’s headlines, hot topics, the liturgical season and how Tradition and the witness of the Saints can still guide orthodox Catholics through the chaos and crises of the 21C!

5 Angelic Prayers Everyone Should Know – Catholic World Report

Oct. 2 is the feast day of the guardian angels, just three days after the feast of the archangels. These

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Father Emil Kapaun and Guardian Angels (Oct. 2)| National Catholic Register

Father Emil Kapaun, the Korean War military chaplain, prisoner of war and Medal of Honor recipient has finally returned home

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New Liturgical Movement: St Robert Bellarmine’s Hymn for the Guardian Angels

St Robert Bellarmine was born in 1542, and in his youth, received a classical education typical of his era, showing

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Sermon: Holy Guardian Angels; ✠Jerome Seleisi

The Hail Mary (Part 1)

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