The down fall of the Church and our Christian Society « Catholic Endtime Truths

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The down fall of the Church and our Christian Society « Catholic Endtime Truths

Not to say that I have all the facts to this problem, but as far as our generation and the United States, World War I and II was the beginning of the downfall of our Christian Society and the Demise of the Catholic Church. Because of these wars, women more than ever before had to take over men’s jobs. They had to work in factories, fly planes, drive trucks and once the war was over, many chose to continue this freedom to the point that we had our first Vice President nomination of a Catholic women Geraldine Ferraro of the Democratic party in 1984.
When we go back to the 1900’s Canon Laws we have the separation of the sex’s in the work force.

Taken from “The Catholic Encyclopedia” 1912 Imprimatur Jn. C. Farley ArchBishop of N.Y. N.Y.I. Ulpian (Dig., I, 16, 195) gives a celebrated rule of law which most canonists have embodied in their works: “Women are ineligible to all civil and public offices, and therefore they cannot be judges, nor hold a magistracy, nor act as lawyers, judicial intercessors, or procurators.” Public offices are those in which public authority is exercised; civil offices, those connected otherwise with municipal affairs. The reason given by canonists for this prohibition is not the levity, weakness, or fragility of the female sex, but the preservation of the modesty and dignity peculiar to woman. For the preservation of this same modesty many regulations have been made concerning female apparel. Thus, women may not use male attire, a prohibition already found in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 22:15). The canons add, however, that the assumption of the dress of men would be excusable in a case of necessity (Can. Quoniam 1, qu. 7), which seems to apply to the well-known case of Bl. Joan of Arc. 
Here in the U.S. the Mini Skirt came out in the early 60’s and Catholic women were wearing them in Church. The Supreme Court ruled against public school prayer in 1962. President Kennedy did not oppose it.
With the appearance of the first oral contraceptives in 1960, dissenters in the church argued for a reconsideration of the church positions. In 1963 Pope John XXIII established a commission of six European non-theologians to study questions of birth control and population.  From this commission was leaked out, “let your conscience be your guide.” many Catholic politicians  have quoted this including Speaker Pelosi. Abortion became legal in 1974.

John XXIII’s encyclical Pacem in Terris (1963) and the discussion of democracy by the Second Vatican Council in Gaudium et Spes (1965) marked the abandonment of earlier opposition to liberal democracy and a decisive commitment to democracy and human rights.
The Go Go Topless Dancers came out in in the U.S. The Movies had to be rated and Annulment rules were relaxed and easily obtained.
So now its no wonder that Priests started having Mass’s for Homosexual and Lesbian Catholics, in 1969. ” › wiki › DignityUSA” Now the Catholic Church became a paradise for Homosexuals and Pedophiles.
How bad is it, my friends the GAYS are getting Married and the Straights are shacking up and not even having babies. And gender changes are accepted today.The new Church puts ALL religions on an equal status as the Church of Christ.
As most of you know that I teach eschatology and please don’t tell me we have had these immoral, heretical times before. Starting from the Top down, all at the same time? Then, there is no such thing as the “Great Apostasy,”  no such person’s as False Prophets or AntiChrist false popes. Remember, my friends that the origin of the word and first AntiChrist, according to The Apostle Saint John was the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas who had Jesus killed. And the future AntiChrist has to also be a High Priest who we now call a Pope.(1)   
Don’t tell me the End is not near, or at the door. The Lord could be back as soon as 8 months from now.
May Almighty God bless you and the Holy Ghost guide you in these dark days and give you the courage to defend these truths, through Mary our hope and her son Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen
Joseph Bruno Dominic Saraceno   10-8-21  Month of the Holy Rosary

Catholic Encyclopedia 1912, under AntiChrist. (A false pope

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