How to help prisoners this Sunday

This coming Sunday is a day in the Catholic calendar to pray for prisoners and their dependants and to offer

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The limits of science and the freedom to make moral choices – Catholic World Report

If scientists should tread carefully making definitive claims in the metaphysical sphere, they should be even more cautious where moral

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What Do You Seek From Life? — Integrated Catholic Life™

From our earliest moments of life, we seek something we need or want.  What Do You Seek From Life? —

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New Liturgical Movement: Durandus on the Offertory Super Flumina Babylonis

Upon the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and wept, when we remembered thee, o Zion. (The Offertory chant of

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The Theology behind the Culture War – YouTube

One of the big problems people face today regarding religion or the notion of God, is the problem of what

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Sermon from 20th Sunday after Pentecost, 10th October 2021 in Walsingham Abbey. – YouTube

This was from the last day of the Rosary Blast in Walsingham from 7th to 10th October, 2021 during which

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National Rosary Rally 2021 – YouTube

Corrupt Catholic Nations – YouTube

Charles Coulombe discusses the difference between Protestant nations and Catholic nations, most particularly in South America. And he explains why

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By listening to Holy Spirit, synod can be process of healing, pope says | Crux Now

VATICAN CITY — A synod calls on everyone to become experts in “the art of encounter” in a way that

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The Art of Manliness with Brett McKay – The Catholic Man Show – YouTube

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