Why Did Men Stop Wearing Hats? – YouTube

Andrew Neil’s Replacement on GB News Discusses GB News, His Life & Career, the Culture Wars & More – YouTube

Grand Reset et notre Avenir – YouTube

Serving those on Death Row | EWTN News In Depth – YouTube

Should the death penalty be allowed? When does mercy start and end? Dale Recinella is a Catholic chaplain and has

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St. Francis Borgia and the Face of Death – Catholic World Report

While Death should not be fearfully ignored or fearfully exalted, we must encounter the reality of death if we are

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Today’s Saint(s): St Paulinus of York

Paulinus was a monk from Rome sent to the Kingdom of Kent by Pope Gregory I in 601, along with Mellitus and others, as part of the second group of missionaries sent to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.

Today’s Saint(s): St Francis Borgia

Saint Francis Borgia, named for Francis of Assisi at his birth in 1510, was placed under the tutelage of his uncle, Archbishop of Saragossa, after the death of his mother when he was ten years old. Soon he had to go to the court of Spain, as he was destined to be one of the great lords of that nation. There he remained Christian, modest and virtuous.

Pelosi calls pope meeting ‘spiritual, personal and official’ honor | Crux Now

NEW YORK – Despite ongoing tensions between Nancy Pelosi and a portion of the U.S. Bishops Conference over her pro-abortion

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Wild porcupine not even the weirdest thing at the Vatican this week | Crux Now

ROME – Rome already has become grumpily accustomed to the sight of wild boars roaming through the streets, often feeding

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From tarpaulins to therapy: how the Red Cross is shifting to tackle to mental health

The International Federation of the Red Cross is now working on the mental health crisis across the Americas From tarpaulins

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