Cardinal who runs the Synod (“walking together”): “It is a grace that today Christendom is no more.” | Fr. Z’s Blog

“It is a grace that today Christendom is no more. Because we felt we had arrived: the Church as a”

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Boris Johnson opts against assisted suicide Bill – Catholic Herald

The Prime Minister will not support a controversial Bill to legalise assisted suicide, according to Downing Street sources. Boris Johnson

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The 5th Annual National Rosary Rally to Take Place at the US Capitol | EWTN News Nightly – YouTube

The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. On Thursday, we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of

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Apologetics: Vatican II vs Vatican I – YouTube

We have recordings of the apologetic series of talks Father gave a couple of years ago. These talks were a

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Catholic priests’ victim: ‘The abuse was so common it became normal’ – YouTube

Leslie Turner, a retired primary head teacher, was paid £17,000 in compensation by the Irish Christian Brothers, after claiming two

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The Catholic Way To Deal With Modernism | Hilaire Belloc – YouTube

Many people don’t like negative language when speaking about Modernism The Catholic Way To Deal With Modernism | Hilaire Belloc

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“… how to convert…” Today’s Sermon ✠Jerome Seleisi OSJV

St Paulinus of York, commemoration of Sunday XX Post Pentecost

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Sunday XX Post Pentecost

Sunday XX Post Pentecost: Missa “Omnia, quæ fecisti nobis” The lessons in the divine office during the whole month of October,

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Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost ~ Dom Prosper Gueranger – Sensus Fidelium

The Gospel of last Sunday spoke to us of the nuptials of the Son of God with the human race. The realization of those sacred nuptials is the object which God had in view by the creation of the visible world; it is the only one he intends in his government of society. This being the case, we cannot be surprised that the parable of the Gospel, while revealing to us this divine plan, has also brought before us the great fact of the rejection of the Jews, and the vocation of the Gentiles, which is not only the most important fact of the world’s history, but is also the one which is the most intimately connected with the consummation of the mystery of the divine Union.

A Sermon for Sunday: St Paulinus of York

Dr Robert Wilson’s weekly Sunday sermon…

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