Debate: are Conservatives doomed? – YouTube

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Featuring: Peter Hitchens, Ed West, Miriam Cates and Matthew Goodwin.

Debate: are Conservatives doomed? – YouTube

Are Conservatives doomed? Following a General Election that resulted in an 80-seat majority for the Conservative Party after 11 years of uninterrupted rule, this might seem like a rather strange question to ask.

But firstly, there may be long term challenges to the Tory coalition. By 2030, typically Left-leaning groups that tend to vote Labour — the young, renters, the childless, and the more urban people — are not only growing in numbers but becoming increasingly liberal too. More importantly, are the Tories even a Conservative party? Even if the British Tories have a talent for remaining in power, where does that leave true Conservatism?

At this week’s Conservative Party conference in Manchester, UnHerd gathered together some of the country’s most optimistic  — and doomerist — conservative voices to get to the bottom of this question.

In the pessimist corner sat writer Ed West who recently published a book, ‘Small Men on the Wrong side of History’, and columnist Peter Hitchens, who has been calling for the destruction of the Conservative Party since 2010.

In the more optimistic corner: Miriam Cates, a Conservative who was elected as MP for Penistone and Stockbridge as part of the feted ‘Red Wall’ intake in 2019; and Matthew Goodwin, a contributor at UnHerd and professor of politics at the University of Kent.

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