Majority of Catholics don’t know about the cruel attempt to suppress the Traditional Latin Mass. Wherein Fr. Z rants. | Fr. Z’s Blog

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We need to work harder, friends. Some time ago, Pew Research Center did a poll and found that “Two-thirds of U.S. Catholics unaware of pope’s new restrictions on traditional Latin Mass”. HERE

Majority of Catholics don’t know about the cruel attempt to suppress the Traditional Latin Mass. Wherein Fr. Z rants. | Fr. Z’s Blog

This is interesting, because it shows how Catholic news is not getting to Joe Bagofdoughnuts.

Despite the controversy, most U.S. Catholics are unaware of Pope Francis’ recent actions, with roughly two-thirds saying they have heard “nothing at all” about the new restrictions, according to a Pew Research Center survey of adults conducted Sept. 20-26, 2021. But there are pockets of opposition to the new rules, with weekly Mass-goers and Catholic Republicans expressing higher levels of disapproval than those who do not go to Mass regularly and Catholic Democrats. Nevertheless, Francis remains a very popular figure among American Catholics, with about eight-in-ten continuing to express a favorable view of the pope, little changed since March.

Catholic Democrats.  The Democrat party is the Party of Death.   A Catholic who willingly embraces the values of that party, with its clear and aggressive pro-abortion platform, is unlikely to be attracted to the TLM.

As a matter of fact, the content of the TLM is likely to repel such a person if she is not converted by it.

Otherwise, there are probably swaths of Catholic who still vote or at least self-identify as Democrats because a) their parents were dems and/or b) they are so uninformed that they don’t know how far the party has moved to the left.

How would they be aware of what’s going on with the TLM?  If they are going to church at all, their parishes are probably leftist too.

All the survey respondents who indicated they have heard at least a little about the new limitations received a follow-up question asking whether they approve or disapprove of the pope’s decision. Their opinions are divided about evenly between those who approve (9% of all Catholics) and those who disapprove (12% of all Catholics) of Francis’ actions. An additional 14% of U.S. Catholics say they have heard at least a little about the change, but either have no opinion on it or declined to give their opinion.

The poll also broke down political alignment and views of Francis.  You might be able to guess at the results.

A priest friend familiar with the ways of statistics wrote to me:

The more interesting statistic from another poll is that only 20% of Catholics 40 years old and younger attend Mass regularly (meaning “at least 1 time monthly). I suspect a greater percentage of them attend TLM than the Catholic population in general. Also, assuming the veracity of this statistic, 80% of the Catholic parishes should be shuttered…and presto chango, there’s no priest shortage whatsoever and the seminaries are producing sufficient numbers of ordinandi for those numbers.

We have to factor in the demographic sink hole opening up under the Church.  Pretty soon the percentage of active, practicing Catholics who are inclined toward traditional worship is going to grow even faster.   This is one reason why, I believe, there are attempts to crush Catholics who desire traditional sacred liturgy.

Here’s my main point.

I tried to spark some energy among people who do NOT know about the antics of Francis and others regarding traditional Catholic sacred worship.  That’s why when I posted the proposition about being a true Custos Traditionis – pray the Memorare and offer morifications for the overturning of Traditionis custodes or at least its benign interpretation, HERE.

However, to get the ball rolling with more people, I also offered a t-shirt and buttons that say Custos Traditionis and, beneath,

“Ask me.”

Either in Latin or, more practically, in English.  Memorare in various languages on the back.

“Ask me.”

This is intended to inform more people about what has been done to Catholics – all Catholics – through the cruel and unusal move of that Motu Proprio.

Do NOT be complacent.  Do NOT accept this situation as “normal”.  There is nothing “normal” about the attempt to suppress the the Traditional Roman Rite in the Roman Catholic Church.  It is such a self-contradiction as to be diabolical.

“Ask me.”

Your weapons in this battle – which is by no means over – are prayer, penances, and information.

Get informed.  Be ready.

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