Synod 2023: The next two years in the life of the Catholic Church – YouTube

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Synod 2023: The next two years in the life of the Catholic Church

Pope Francis has invited the whole Catholic Church to question itself on what’s called “synodality”. It’s an important theme in the life and mission of the Church – especially over the next two years. But what exactly is synodality and what does it mean for Catholics in England and Wales? Fr Chris Thomas, General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, and Father Jan Nowotnik, Director of Mission, discuss the process and explain this invitation to communion, participation and mission.

Synod 2023: The next two years in the life of the Catholic Church – YouTube

The Old Roman says: again the lies are repeated –

1) “Synods” were not invented post Vatican II by Paul VI – synods have been a regular convention of Church governance for centuries; whether Provincial or Diocesan of the bishops in those defined areas coming together or a bishop with his clergy as evidenced by the pre-VCII Pontifical wherein a form for the proceedings is given.

2) “Synodality” synods have never been about “walking together” that is a modernist interpretation and at the Council of Jerusalem only the Apostles – not the faithful too – participated, and there was no general discussion by all but only between the Apostles themselves. The word synod comes from the Greek: σύνοδος [ˈsinoðos] meaning “assembly” or “meeting” and is analogous with the Latin word concilium meaning “council”.

3) “Communion” is realised and maintained with God via the sacraments of Baptism, Penance and the Eucharist – through the constant restoration and reconciliation and conforming of ourselves with the Will and Mind of God as revealed by Divine Revelation.

4) The “Mission” of the Church and evangelism is not effected by relativizing the Gospel through subjectivised dialogue, but through witnessing to the living of the objective Truth of the Gospel in our lives in communion with God, manifested in charity toward God and mercy toward neighbour.

5) Christianity is a “revealed” religion and a “confessional faith” i.e. it is objectively known and received, not discerned nor explored subjectively. The Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion, chaos nor contradiction, He is not constantly changing but renewing the hearts and minds of each generation to the acceptance of that which has been Divinely i.e. not subjectively revealed.

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