Irenaeus and the Gnostics – YouTube

How Progressive Christians Butcher the Bible – YouTube

Brandan Robertson is a famous progressive Christian TikToker, busy telling everyone that God is fine with a sexually liberal lifestyle.

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Q2-Should a priest use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask during Holy Mass? – YouTube

“Given a Choice, Why Should I Consistently Attend the Traditional Latin Mass?” – YouTube

Students join together to protest Jesuit university that allowed Planned Parenthood fundraiser – YouTube

Loyola Marymount University, a Jesuit-run ‘Catholic’ institution, recently received backlash when LMU President Snyder allowed a Planned Parenthood fundraiser to

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The Crisis of Addiction – Childhood Trauma and a Corrupt Culture – YouTube

How Vatican City State’s Government is Changing Under Pope Francis| National Catholic Register

VATICAN CITY — The recent appointment of new leaders at the Vatican City State shows Pope Francis’ determination to break

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Military steps up attacks against Christians in hill regions of Myanmar – Catholic Herald

Government violence against the Christian minority in Myanmar is intensifying, according to human right activists. Military steps up attacks against

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Veterans thanked, honored at annual ‘Red, White and Blue’ Mass – The Catholic Sun

SUN CITY WEST, Ariz. — As a servicemember in the Vietnam War, Bill Ranzinger experienced loss. The deaths of comrades

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ASK FATHER: If I’m aware of mortal sin, can I receive Communion if I intend to go to confession later? | Fr. Z’s Blog

QUAERITUR: My uncle wants to become Catholic and ive been taking him to RCIA classes. The priest is a great

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