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The analogy of the Great Horse of Troy doesn’t quite work (the attackers were hidden from sight).  The ruse de guerre of slipping through enemy lines while wearing enemy uniforms doesn’t quite work (you have to remove the disguise before you shoot).

Prayers “Pro defensione ab hostibus… for defense against enemies” | Fr. Z’s Blog

Perhaps the reimagining of Battlestar Galatica provides a parallel: humanoid machines, Cylons, aren’t shiny robots as they were in the 1970’s. They look like us, now.  The Cylons are indistinguishable from humans and they infiltrated everywhere.   Not only that, if their body is destroyed, they upload to a Cylon hub and they download into another, replica body (of which they have many stored for deployment).  Some of them are “sleepers” who don’t even realize that they are on the enemy’s team until they are activated.   The goal: humiliation and then obliteration of the human race out of revenge for having been created in the first place.

I have in mind the machinations of modernists, Communists, Masons, homosexualists who look like us Catholics, use the same language most of the time, are hard to tease out from the larger picture, but who are bent on the destruction of the Church, from within.  The goal: subvert the Church’s structures into a kind NGO promoting a quasi-religious secularist agenda.

The enemy is behind the lines, in a horse, in friendly uniforms, but they are in plain sight all the time and then don’t remove their uniforms to shoot.  If they are caught, they pop up somewhere else.  They are transferred.  Promoted.

More and more I feel the need to pray against the enemy within, who sit in the seats of power, who occupy the big chairs, both in sees and universities.

These are “enemies”.

Let’s be neither Pollyannas nor, speaking of Troy, Cassandras.   Let us see the situation we are in clearly.

We have enemies.  The enemies are inside the walls.

We must pray for and against these enemies, who are doing the work of Satan.  They are agents of Hell.  Pray.  For them, for their conversion that their souls might not be lost.  Against them, that their evil projects be thwarted and that souls not be lost.

Some time back I had a few posts about the need to pray for enemies, the requirement from Christ Himself to forgive, that we must strive not to hate them, no matter the harm they do to us, others or the Church and the world.   I posted the prayers from the Votive Mass “for enemies”.  One prelate totally freaked out because I posted my hope that God would grant them what they truly needed to bring about a conversion, even if that meant suffering.  He is now on my list to pray for.

The ordained remain ordained, even in Hell.   We’d rather they go to Heaven, no matter if getting there is hard, in earthly terms

We have to get it through out heads that there are truly bad people out there.  They are in grave spiritual danger.  Meanwhile, they plot and do harm.

We must not stand idle and let them hurt themselves and others.

Some of them are fully activated and working to destroy the Church and her influence, as a Church, in the world.  They want to use the Church’s structure but transform her into an NGO, useful for global hegemony.   Others are still “sleepers”.  They are dupes who are playing for the enemies side, but don’t realize that that is what they are doing, rather like – to use another screen analogy, from perhaps the greatest movie made to date – Colonel Nicholson.

Here are the orations Pro defensione ab hostibus… For defense against enemies.

I more and more frequently now I add these when I say Mass, even as I celebrate for the specific intention: “For the Church – against her internal enemies”


Hostium nostrorum, quaesumus, Domine, elide superbiam: et eorum contumaciam dexterae tuae virtute prosterne. Amen.

Shatter to pieces, we beseech Thee O Lord, our enemies’ pride and by the might of Thy hand throw to the ground their insolence.

Contumacia, by the way, can mean not only “insolence”, but “rigidity”.  Ironically, no one is more rigid, in the worst sense, than a committed liberal ideologue.  It is more and more apparent that the present roster of papalatrous ideologues are enemies of the Church, even as they claim to be her earnest defenders.   They way you can tell is their spectacular rigidity, their focus on enforced uniformity, liturgical homogeneity.


Huius, Domine, virtute mysterii, et a propriis mundemur occultis, et ab inimicorum liberemur insidiis.

O Lord, by the power of this mystery, may we be cleansed from our own hidden sins and delivered from the snares of our enemies.


Protector noster, aspice, Deus, et ab inimicorum nos defende periculis: ut, omni perturbatione submota, liberis tibi mentibus serviamus.

O God, our Protector, look down and defend us from the perils of our enemies: so that, once all trouble is removed, we may with free minds serve Thee.

A reminder… or introduction…

Battlestar Galactica | Opening Scene

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