FLASHBACK: Pro-life woman roundhouse-kicked by abortion-supporting man – YouTube

Pro-lifer Marie-Claire Bissonnette was kicked by a man in Toronto, after she began filming him defacing private property at 2018

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Transhumanism and Dante: Can Christians support Transhumanism? – YouTube

Dante Alighieri is credited as the first to use the term “transhumanism,” but he uses it in a very different

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LIVE NOW Latin Rosary: Joyful Mysteries

Join other orthodox Catholics to pray the traditional Rosary together online utilising modern technology enabling faithful from all around the world to pray together in real time!

Archbishop Lefebvre English Sermon, Pontifical High Mass, 1985 – YouTube

Archbishop Lefebvre sermon in English during Pontifical High Mass in Rockdale Town Hall, Australia, 22 December, 1985. Archbishop Lefebvre English

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The Colourful World Of Medieval Castle Painting | Secrets Of The Castle EP3 | Timeline – YouTube

Ruth, Peter and Tom enter the surprisingly colourful world of medieval interior design. The castles that we see today are

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Priti Patel says terrorism threat level raised to severe after Liverpool blast – YouTube

The UK terrorism threat level has been increased from substantial to severe, meaning an attack is ‘highly likely’, after an

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Cardinal Becciu says he ‘favored’ home diocese but denies scandal | Catholic News Agency

Speaking at an event for a diocesan charity to which he is alleged to have illicitly given Vatican funds, Cardinal

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Fr Julian Carron resigns as president of Communion and Liberation – Catholic World Report

Fr. Julián Carrón announced on Monday that he is resigning as president of Communion and Liberation. Fr Julian Carron resigns

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New TV Miniseries Offers a Journey Through the Christian Life| National Catholic Register

Writer, director and narrator discusses how the programs explain how to discern ‘living our purpose with joyful courage.’ New TV

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Pope Francis to speak at meeting of bishops and mayors in Florence – Catholic World Report

Pope Francis will visit the Italian city of Florence in February to speak at a meeting of bishops and mayors

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