How Parental Rights in Education Matter for a Healthy Society| National Catholic Register

American children spend roughly 33 hours a week at school. What goes on in the classroom directly shapes them and

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Pope Francis Approves Miracle Attributed to a French Nun Who Will Be Made a Saint| National Catholic Register

Pope Francis authorized the advancement of Blessed Rivier’s cause, along with five other causes for sainthood, in a decree on

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ASK FATHER: Did Francis say that sexual sins aren’t that serious? | Fr. Z’s Blog

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Why is it always an airplane?  When Pope Francis went back to Rome from Greece he

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The Lateran Palace in Rome, Where Popes Resided for Centuries, Opens to Visitors| National Catholic Register

This initiative of the Diocese of Rome results from the Pope’s desire to enhance the cultural heritage entrusted to his

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Synod of Bishops Restores Resource Page Link to New Ways Ministry, Issues Apology| National Catholic Register

According to a new statement published to the New Ways Ministry website, Thierry Bonaventura, communications manager of the General Secretariat,

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Christmas 1981 Heralded the Collapse of Communism in Poland| National Catholic Register

COMMENTARY: Forty years ago, Soviet communists tried to turn out the lights. But like a candle in the White House

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Patriarch of Romania: The Mother Church supports and encourages her spiritual sons and daughters from abroad | Orthodox Times (en)

Speaking at an International Symposium dedicated to the pastoral care of Romanians abroad last week, Patriarch Daniel stressed that “the

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Vatican liturgy office issues guidelines for catechist ministry – Catholic World Report

The Vatican’s liturgy office on Monday issued a rite and guidelines for the institution of lay catechists in the dioceses

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LIVE NOW The Domestic Church: Nil desperandum – YouTube

✠Jerome Lloyd OSJV offers reflections and suggestions for orthodox Catholics to respond to the challenges of the 21stC…

LIVE NOW Latin Rosary: Joyful Mysteries

Join other orthodox Catholics to pray the traditional Rosary together online utilising modern technology enabling faithful from all around the world to pray together in real time!

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