What Tyrants Count On – YouTube

What do those who want to dominate a society look for and what do they depend on so they can

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The Apparent Death of God / Timothy Flanders ‘City of God vs. City of Man’ – YouTube

Humility of Mary – Marian Sodality Conference – December 2021 – Fr. Leo Veitkus, C.S.P.V – YouTube

Marian Sodality Conference – December 2021 – Fr. Leo Veitkus, C.S.P.V Humility of Mary – Marian Sodality Conference – December

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Jordan Peterson on Cancel Culture, Comedy, and His Battle With Depression | The Russell Howard Hour – YouTube

Ember Week special: ‘Some demons are only cast out by prayer and fasting’ – YouTube

It’s a special week in the Christian calendar. This week, we have the opportunity to observe an ancient Roman practice

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The KKK Prevents Archbishop Cordileone from Visiting Saint Agnes Catholic Church (San Francisco) – YouTube

Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, finds out that being unvaccinated is just like being Black 100 years ago.

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New Liturgical Movement

Gregory DiPippo has written two thought-provoking pieces about the limits of appeals made to “organic development” (part 1, part 2).

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Religion Clause: Christian Wedding Photographer Loses Suit Against NY Public Accommodation Law

In Emilee Carpenter, LLC v. James, (WD NY, Dec. 13, 2021), a New York federal district court refused to enjoin the

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The family in the defence of the Faith – Voice of the Family %

Just over a century ago, in 1907, the convert priest, Mgr Robert Hugh Benson, published an extraordinary and prophetic book, Lord

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Omicron symptoms: How the new Covid variant differs from previous strains and what protection vaccines offer

Everything you need to know about the new Covid variant and what is being done to slow its transmission Omicron

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