Another Note on the Dubious Dubia™ concerning “Traditionis custodes” | Fr. Z’s Blog

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The Bergoglians – papalatrous and fervid – are today doing exactly what their progressivist counterparts in the 1970’s did: they accuse “rigid” bishops of “not getting with the groovy program, man.”

Another Note on the Dubious Dubia™ concerning “Traditionis custodes” | Fr. Z’s Blog

Back then, the progressivist fear was that young people were rejecting and fleeing the Faith. Changes had to be made!   It was necessary to get rid of all sorts of things that no one wanted to get rid of, despite the fact that the Council Fathers commanded that they should be kept.

Now their Bergogliatic fear is that young people are rejecting the progressivists’ cult and are seeking the cult of their forebears.

The Bergoglians are so Pelagian, so self-absorbed in their personal agendas that they are blinded to the fact that the Faith really can’t (unlike certain other of their interests) be shoved down people’s throats!

Ironically, in the sunny Bergoglian fields of the Vatican II springtime that perennially-promised fruit of the Novus Ordo, attracting young people, is at long last ripening…

… wherever young people can find a Traditional Latin Mass.

Taurina cacata and the explanatory Roach Clips are surely going to accelerate unbridled gratitude for and enthusiasm about the Novus Ordo among young people… finally!

Can we doubt that a strict implementation of those loving pastoral provisions – which we are paternalistically reassured  were in no way intended to marginalize those who desire traditional worship, nossir! – is surely going to foster in young people, and their parents, warm affection for their local bishops?

And the seminarians!   They are going to be thrilled to be part a diocese that carries out pogroms against the Traditional Latin Mass!   They won’t give other groups – or the door – a second thought.

Ah… springtime.

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