Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment: THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION

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Arthur Roche has recently decreed that the Old Pontifical cannot be used for Confirmation. 

Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment: THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION

The facts are totally beyond dispute. As Roche explains, in his best school-masterly tones, “it should be remembered that the formula for the Sacrament of Confirmation was changed for the entire Latin Chrch by Saint Paul VI with the Apostolic Constitution Divinae consortium naturase (15 August 1971)”. (I can just imagine Roche giving Bloggs minor a cuff around the ear, like the Chaplain in the film If ….)

Indeed; it should be remembered. That’s quite simple, then. No room for controversy there. Fancy … Papa Ratzinger not knowing that!!

How silly, perverse, and ignorant he was to decree (7 July 2007) that “Ordinaries are given the right to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation using the earlier Roman Pontifical, if the good of souls would seem to require it”.

Daft, ignorant old man! All those stupid – if innumerable – books and articles he wrote! Incredible, that he hadn’t read and couldn’t even find copies of the Acta of S Paul VI! Just imagine the poor chap hobbling round all those libraries in Rome looking for them and, everywhere, the same brush-off: “Sorry, Old Man, we don’t have room on our shelves for that sort of stuff!”. 

And how absolutely wet he was to allow bishops to take account of “the good of souls”! What on earth do bishops know about the good of souls?

Clearly, we now need stronger hands upon the tiller! Thank Goodness we now have men of the intellectual and moral calibre of Jorje Bergoglio and Arthur Roche to set us on the right track!

Outrageously, the English Bishops were prepared to act on Ratzinger’s flawed “decree” and go around doing Traddy Confirmations!!! However can they have been so misguided! They need to be strictly disciplined for conniving in Ratzinger’s apostasy!

Joking and irony aside: I think a pastoral need has opened out here like a great big gaping hole. I don’t know if Cardinal Burke will be willing to traverse the continents administering Confirmation according to the Usus Authenticus of the Roman Rite … but, if he isn’t, will the aging bishops of the SSPX be able to hear God’s call to go round doing so? The world is a big place.

How much longer can the Church avoid the necessity for more Episcopal Consecrations, even if they do have to take place sine Mandato Apostolico?

The time, surely, has passed for Rigidity and Legalism. The God of Surprises wonders if we shall step up to the plate.

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