Protest of Satan Convention with Jesse Romero and Dr. Taylor Marshall – YouTube

The temple of satan is going to come out to the diocese of Phoenix and consecrate Scottsdale to satan. Jesse

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The Superior General of the SSPX Clarifies the Vaccine Debate – YouTube

Selections from the talk delivered at the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition, December 11, 2021. The title of the

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The Collapse of the Catholic Faith in Ireland. – YouTube

Midnight mass Ireland, Celebrated by the Archbishop of Armagh. Is this the sacrifice of the mass that Vatican II envisaged?

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Ecu-Menical #8: Catechism – YouTube

On this episode, we discuss the Catechism, the oral teaching summary of the Catholic Church, used to communicate the tenets

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Weekly News Roundup January 7, 2022 – YouTube

The editors discuss current events from a Catholic perspective in this first news roundup of 2022. Weekly News Roundup January

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The Tudors: England, Spain & The Habsburgs – YouTube

Jordan Peterson: DON’T Live Together Before Marriage – YouTube

Today we’ll look at why Jordan Peterson thinks cohabitation (living together before marriage) is a bad idea. We’ll then look

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LIVE: Supreme Court hears arguments on Biden’s vaccine mandates for businesses, health workers 10AM – YouTube

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently hearing oral arguments regarding the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers and

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The Wood of the Manger Announces the Mystery of the Cross – YouTube

Bereshit bera Elohim. The hebraic text of creation – YouTube

We all know these words: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless

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