Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument Regarding Biden Administration COVID-19 Vaccine Policies| National Catholic Register

On Jan. 7, the court focused on whether the federal government has the legal authority to issue the orders. Justices

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Pascal, intellectuals, and the love of God – Catholic World Report

The Jansenist controversy is a preeminent example of how “intellectuals” of whatever religion, or none at all, overthink an issue,

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Mozart Masses Vol.1 – YouTube

The Rundown! (1.7.22) – YouTube

The Destruction Of The Holy Mass | Michael Davies – YouTube

Michael Davies classic explanation of how the liturgical movement as coopted by the Modernists to reinvent the Mass into something

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Sacraments Series #1: What Is So Important About the Catholic Sacraments? – YouTube

After taking a short break from producing these after having completed the Crisis in the Church Series last December, it’s

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The Beauty of Austerity

Carmelite tradition records the final words of St. Teresa of Avila: “My daughters and my ladies, for the love of

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Vatican to probe Cologne finances once cardinal returns from sabbatical | Crux

ROME – Earlier this week the troubled German Archdiocese of Cologne announced that the Vatican has agreed to conduct an

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Catholic, pro-life leaders speak out against petition drive to place abortion rights into Michigan constitution – Detroit Catholic

Coalition’s signature drive, which must collect 425,059 signatures to appear on 2022 ballot, a response to potential Roe v. Wade

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Vatican delays external audit of contracts in Germany’s Cologne archdiocese – Catholic World Report

The Vatican has said that an external review of contracts in Germany’s Cologne archdiocese must wait until Cardinal Rainer Maria

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