There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days | Fr. Z’s Blog

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There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days, evidenced in Catholic news, what with the harsh diktats about the Vetus Ordo and the wild sacrilege at St. Sabina.

There seems to be a spirit of discontent in Chicago these days | Fr. Z’s Blog

It’s sad.  Such a great city.  So many problems.

Today I received a note that Chicago’s Archbishop was booed and heckled at at pro-life rally.  It’s hard to get your mind around that.  On the other hand, he’s not exactly the poster boy for defense of the unborn, who seem in his school of thought to be lower on the list than government spending for illegal immigrants and other aspects of the DNC platform.  It’s all part of that Chicago/Bernardin seamless garment thing.

Anyway, one fellow wrote today:

I’m a resident of the Archdiocese of Chicago. We currently have a funding drive by the Archdiocese. I thought I would give Archbishop Cupich my $0.02 by sending in a $0.02 check in honor of “Restore the Latin Mass”. A “funding drive” like this might be the way traditionalist can get their voices heard by the powers that be.

It would certainly get their attention, although the idea of “organizing traditionalists” made me smile a little.  Good luck with that.  Until they stop defending their own little wrinkle of turf and, with some humility and commonsense, put aside small differences that’s not going to happen.  I fear that the fallacy of the zero-sum game has many in their grip.  I digress.

Yes, drying up their funding would get their attention.  It would be negative attention, too.   I suspect they would rather see the city’s churches become depopulated smoldering craters than to see happy young people praying reverently in them during a Traditional Latin Mass.

That said, a priest friend of mine had an interesting way of showing his displeasure over being billed for the truly asinine and often downright heretical seminary formation he (we) received.  When he was sent regular bills with a return postage guaranteed paid envelope, he sent back checks so small that it cost more to process them than they gained and he once taped the envelope to a concrete block.   Eventually they stopped sending bills.

Brick by brick, differently.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that anyone should anything like that.  It’s just that this frustrated Chicagoan’s note reminded me of that episode.

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