Canadian Indigenous leaders to meet with Pope Francis in March – Catholic World Report

Pope Francis will meet with a delegation from Canada the last week of March, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops,

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Is Bishop Accountability Working for the Catholic Church?| National Catholic Register

With ‘Vos Estis Lux Mundi,’ the Vatican’s norms in place to investigate bishops accused of sexual abuse or negligence, set

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BBC Three Launch Night: an £80 million budget and what do you get? Repeats and RuPaul

A big-budget return yielded little in the way of new or original content. Does the channel really need to exist

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‘Rent-a-Womb’: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Choice Highlights How Surrogacy Financially Exploits Women| National Catholic Register

The news revealed an intersection between feminist perspectives and Catholic teaching. ‘Rent-a-Womb’: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Choice Highlights How

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The Greatness of Joseph Ratzinger with Dr. Richard DeClue – YouTube

Pray for the Canadian truckers: ‘Thank you from the bottom of our hearts’ – YouTube

The Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy has given hope to millions of people around the world. These two powerful testimonies show

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Building the Immaculata – Exploring the Inside of The Immaculata – YouTube

Should Catholics Send Their Kids to Catholic Schools? – YouTube

It’s Catholic Schools Week, and Eric Sammons takes the opportunity to look at the different educational options for Catholic parents.

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RORATE CÆLI: NON POSSUMUS! – Enough is Enough: “We Reject the New Mass because it is not Traditional” — by Yves Daoudal

Let us be clear. No, we do not “prefer” the traditional Mass for reasons of “sensitivity,” aesthetics, or “nostalgia” (a

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New Liturgical Movement: The Purifying Orations of Candlemas

The feast of the Purification is nicknamed Candlemas because the day is marked with a great blessing of candles and

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