German ‘Synodal Way’ Meeting Ends with Call for Same-Sex Blessings, Change to Catechism on Homosexuality| National Catholic Register

The Synodal Way is a controversial multi-year process bringing together Germany’s bishops and laypeople to discuss the way power is

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Pope to priests: Don’t remain ‘barricaded in the sacristy’ – Detroit Catholic

“Please, let us not remain barricaded in the sacristy and cultivate small, closed groups where we can pamper ourselves and

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Christian Refugees in Aleppo – YouTube

Just one the many Christian refugee families in Aleppo. Christian Refugees in Aleppo – YouTube

Taliban sends daughters to school despite closing classrooms for other female students

As education stops for Afghan girls, high ranking officials are sending their children to overseas state schools and universities Taliban

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Synodal process showing good progress, some challenges, Vatican says | Crux

“The desire all over the world is (that) this synodal journey, which has begun at the local level,” continues “so

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‘Eunuch maker’ arrested after ‘castrating men live on television from his flat’

Six other individuals arrested following claims man in his 40s carried out illegal operations from his north London property ‘Eunuch

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Human rights activist: Diplomatic relations between Vatican and China would be ‘totally unacceptable’ – Catholic World Report

Benedict Rogers suggested on Feb. 6 that the Vatican could be preparing to take the step after moving officials from

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Why are people calling Bitcoin a religion?

With mantras, a mysterious founder and promises of societal salvation, there are echoes of religious traditions in the cryptocurrency. Why

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‘It’s time to start living with the virus’: Germans from across divide march against Covid restrictions

Far-Right violence has made the headlines but many of the now weekly demonstrations are peaceful ‘It’s time to start living

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The Cause for Chesterton’s Canonization w/ Joseph Pierce – YouTube

This clip was taken from a livestream with Joseph Pierce: The Cause for Chesterton’s Canonization w/ Joseph Pierce –

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