The Reading of Genesis in Septuagesima

GREGORY DIPIPPO The children of Israel served the king of Babylon for seventy years, and afterwards, were set free and

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Ghost village emerges from the deep as drought empties reservoir

The village of Aceredo was flooded in 1992 when a Portuguese hydroelectric plant closed its floodgates Ghost village emerges from

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On the Office of Compline during the season of Septuagesima ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

This Office, which concludes the day, commences by a warning of the dangers of the night… 

LIVE NOW Latin Rosary: Sorrowful Mysteries

Join other orthodox Catholics to pray the traditional Rosary together online utilising modern technology enabling faithful from all around the

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On the Office of Vespers during the season of Septuagesima ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

According to our custom, we preface each Psalm with a short explanation, in order to draw the attention to what is most in harmony with the spirit of Septuagesima… 

LIVE Solemn High Mass – Septuagesima Sunday – 02/13/22 – St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary – YouTube

The Vice of Envy: Septuagesima Sunday Sermon Of St John Vianney

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: February 13th On the folly of deferring our conversion to God

Meditations for every day of the year by Bishop ✠Richard Challoner

SEPTUAGESIMA: In The Beginning

Septuagesimatide begins today. The lessons for Matins introduce the theme of the penitential pre-lenten season of Septuagesima: Creation and Fall, and Original

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