Sermon on Sexagesima Sunday – Voice of the Family

This is what Our Lord calls “the mystery of the kingdom of God”. Is it not Sermon on Sexagesima Sunday –

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Playtime for the Atheist

When Augustine found the Truth, he rejoiced in it. Such a joy is natural, in harmony with our nature as

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Evening Meditations for Septuagesima Wednesday ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Accursed sin robbed us of Divine grace and made us the slaves of hell, but, to the astonishment of Heaven and of all nature, the Son of God came on earth as Man in order to redeem us from eternal death and purchase for us grace and eternal glory which we had lost. He emptied himself taking the form of a servant … and in habit found as a man (Phil. ii. 7)…

Victims demand independent national abuse inquiry in Italy | Crux

In Italy, priests, she said, are still seen as “sacred and untouchable” while victims’ lives “have been devastated in unspeakable

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Medical workers ask Supreme Court to block NY vaccine mandate lacking religious exemption – Catholic World Report

The Supreme Court previously declined to issue an emergency injunction in the case Dr. A v. Hochul, although three justices

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Italy’s constitutional court rejects euthanasia referendum – UCA News

Under current Italian law, anyone helping another person commit suicide can be jailed for 5-12 years Italy’s constitutional court rejects

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Preparing for Lent: A Reflection on Psalm 90

Lent reminds us that we were created from nothing, and that God’s breath, His essence, is what gave us life

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Biography explores Stein’s conversion, intelligence, embrace of the Cross – Catholic World Report

A review of Hilda C. Graef’s The Scholar and the Cross: The Life and Work of Edith Stein, originally published

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LIVE Low Mass – 02/16/22 – St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary – YouTube

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: February 16th On true devotion

Meditations for every day of the year by Bishop ✠Richard Challoner