Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: March 14th On the necessity of prayer

Meditations for every day of the year by Bishop ✠Richard Challoner

“Freedom of the Press” – Chapter 11: They Have Uncrowned Him – YouTube

Practice during Lent ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

After having spent the three weeks of Septuagesima in meditating upon our spiritual infirmities, and upon the wounds caused in us by sin, – we should be ready to enter upon the penitential seasons… 

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Monday II in Lent

In the gospel Our Lord Jesus Christ foretells that the Jews will lift Him up on the cross, and thrice He says that they will die in their sin.

Morning Prayers for the Second Monday in Lent ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

During the season of Lent, the Christian, on waking in the morning, will unite himself with the Church… 

Morning Meditations for the Second Monday in Lent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Every sin produces blindness; and as sin increases, so does the sinner’s blindness increase. Therefore do we see relapsing sinners lose all light, and go from sin to sin, without even thinking of amendment. The very habit of committing sin, says St. Augustine, prevents sinners from perceiving the evil they do, and so they live as if they no longer believed in God, in Heaven, or in eternity.

Station Monday Lent II: Statio ad St Clementem

Grant, we pray Thee, Almighty God,that Thy servants, who afflict their bodies by fastingmay also abstain from sin and follow

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