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Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: March 31st On Our Lord’s being brought before Annas and Caiaphas

Meditations for every day of the year by Bishop ✠Richard Challoner

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Fourth Thursday in Lent

The Mass dates only from the time of Pope Gregory II; the sung parts are from other feasts. Both the Epistle and the Gospel recount a miracle of raising the dead to life; Elisha, who is a figure of Christ, raises the son of the Sunamite woman; Jesus raises the son of the widow of Naim and gives him back to his mother.  St. Martin of Tours was celebrated as the resuscitator of three dead persons. The story of Elisha is an example of the discretion needed by superiors in dealing with those under their care.

Morning Prayers for the Fourth Thursday in Lent ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

During the season of Lent, the Christian, on waking in the morning, will unite himself with the Church… 

Morning Meditations for the Fourth Thursday in Lent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The devil brings sinners to hell by closing their eyes to the dangers of damnation. He first blinds them, and then leads them into eternal torments. If, then, we wish to be saved, we must continually pray to God in the words of the blind man in the Gospel: Lord, that I may see! Domine, ut videam! Give me light, O Lord, and make me see the way in which I must walk, in order to escape the illusions of the enemy of my salvation.

Today on ORtv; Thursday 31st March 2022| Fourth Thursday in Lent

Today on ORtv; Thursday 31st March 2022| Fourth Thursday in Lent

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