Murder of Coptic priest in Egypt sparks emotion and concern

A Coptic Orthodox priest is slain in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria while accompanying young parishioners along the scenic

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Night Prayers for Lent ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

During the season of Lent, the Christian, on preparing for sleep, will unite himself with the Church… 

Evening Meditations for Holy Monday ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

No sooner is the Redeemer arrived, all suffering and wearied out, at Calvary, than they strip Him of His clothes, –that now stick to His wounded Flesh, –and then cast Him down upon the Cross. Jesus stretches forth His holy hands, and at the same time offers up the sacrifice of His life to the Eternal Father, and prays Him to accept it for the salvation of mankind… 

LIVE NOW Latin Rosary: Joyful Mysteries

Join other orthodox Catholics to pray the traditional Rosary together online utilising modern technology enabling faithful from all around the

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Holy Monday: “Judas or Mary…?” – YouTube HE ✠Jerome Lloyd

Holy Monday: “Judas or Mary…?” – YouTube HE ✠Jerome Lloyd


Many Catholics draw a comparison between the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, leading up to His crucifixion and death,

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Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: April 11th Our Saviour carries His Cross

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: April 3rd On Our Lord’s being led away to Pilate

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Holy Monday

The choice of the Gospel is not without connection with that of the Stational church for St. Praexedes and St. Pudentiana put their house at the disposal of Pope St. Pius I, like Mary and Martha received Jesus into theirs.  [Until Holy Thursday the Gloria Patri is omitted].

Holy Monday ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

This morning, also, Jesus goes with his Disciples to Jerusalem. He is fasting, for the Gospel tells us, that he was hungry [St Matth. xxi. 18]. He approaches a fig-tree, which is by the way-side; but finds nothing on it, save leaves only. Jesus, wishing to give us an instruction, curses the fig-tree, which immediately withers away. He would hereby teach us what they are to expect, who have nothing but good desires, and never produce in themselves the fruit of a real conversion. Nor is the allusion to Jerusalem less evident. This City is zealous for the exterior of Divine Worship; but her heart is hard and obstinate, and she is plotting, at this very hour, the death of the Son of God… 

Spiritual Reading for Holy Monday ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The fourth means to attain perfect love is to make frequent acts of love. As fire is kept alive by fuel, so love is nourished by acts….

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