Evening Meditations for Sunday III of Easter ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

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Evening Meditation




Our Lord said one day to St. Teresa: “Everything which does not give pleasure to Me is vanity,” Would that all understood well this great truth! “For the rest, one thing is necessary.” It is not necessary to be rich in this world, to gain the esteem of others, to lead a life of ease, to enjoy dignities, to have a reputation for learning: it is only necessary to love God and to do His will. For this single end has He created us, for this He preserves our life; and thus only can we gain admittance into Paradise. Put me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm-(Cant. viii. 6). The Lord thus speaks to all His espoused souls. Put Me as a seal upon Thy heart and upon thine arm, in order that all thy desires and actions may tend to Me; upon thy heart, that no other love but Mine may enter there; upon thine arm, in order that all thou dost may have Me for its sole object. Oh, how quickly does that soul speed onwards to perfection which in all her actions regards but Jesus crucified, and has no other desire than to gratify Him!


To acquire, then, a true love of Jesus Christ should be our oruy care. The masters of the spiritual life describe the marks of true love. Love, say they, is fearful, and its fear is none other than that of displeasing God. Itis generous, because, trusting in God, it is never daunted even at the greatest enterprises for His glory. It is strong, because it subdues all its evil appetites, even in the midst of the most violent temptations, and of the darkest desolations. It is obedient, because it immediately flies to execute the Divine will. It is pure, because it loves God alone, and for the sole reason that He deserves to be loved. It is ardent, because it would inflame all mankind, and willingly see them consumed with Divine love. It is inebriating, for it causes the soul to live as it were out of herself, as if she no longer saw, nor felt, nor had any more perception of earthly things, bent wholly on loving God. It is unitive by producing a close union between the will of the creature and the Will of the Creator. It is longing, for it fills the soul with desires of leaving this world, to fly and unite herself perfectly with God in her true and happy country, where she may love Him with all her strength.

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