Evening Meditations for Whit Tuesday ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

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Evening Meditation




There are certain pusillanimous souls, who, on being exhorted to communicate more frequently, reply: “But I am not worthy.” But, my child, do you not know, that the more you refrain from Communion, the more unworthy you become? Because, deprived of Holy Communion you will have less strength, and will commit many faults. Well, then, obey your director and be guided by him: faults do not forbid Holy Communion, when they are not committed with full will; besides, among your failings the greatest is not to submit to what your spiritual father says to you.

“But in my past life I was very bad.” And I reply, that you must know, that he who is weakest has most need of the physician and of medicine. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is our Physician and Medicine as well. St. Ambrose said: “I, who am always sinning, have always need of medicine.” You will then say, perhaps, “But my confessor does not tell me to communicate oftener.” If, then, he does not tell you to do so, ask him the permission to communicate oftener. Should he deny you, obey him; but in the meantime, make him the request. “It would seem pride.” It would be pride if you were to wish to communicate against his will, but not when you ask his consent with humility.


This heavenly Bread requires to be hungered for. Jesus loves to be desired, says a devout author, sitit sitiri, “He thirsts to be thirsted for.” And what a thought is this: “Today I have communicated, and tomorrow I am to communicate.” Oh, how such a reflection keeps the soul attentive to avoid all defects and to do the will of God! “But I have no devotion.” If you mean sensible devotion, it is not necessary, neither does God always grant it even to His most beloved souls: it is enough for you to have the devotion of a will determined to belong wholly to God, and to make progress in His Divine love. John Gerson says that he who abstains from Communion because he does not feel that devotion which he would like to feel, acts like a man wlio does not approach the fire because he does not feel warm.

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