3 Reasons Why You CAN Trust the Gospels – YouTube

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Are the Gospels reliable? There are three lines of evidence that suggest that what we find in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John goes back to eyewitness testimony of people who actually knew Jesus. This video will show you why there are plenty of good reasons to trust the gospel accounts. The reliability of the New Testament Scriptures is a key topic in Christian apologetics and Biblical studies. What you will learn here is that archaeology, the gospels’ corroboration by outside sources, and their accurate description of the geography of first-century Palestine make for a strong cumulative case for the historicity of the four gospel accounts.

3 Reasons Why You CAN Trust the Gospels – YouTube
3 Reasons Why You CAN Trust the Gospels

0:00 Intro
0:09 #1 Corroboration by outside sources
1:45 #2 Archaeology
3:03 #3 Geography
4:26 Luke the Historian
5:30 The Skeptic’s Failed Case

The link to the source I mention (at 1.39) that talks about very specific details in the gospels (pertaining to technology, politics etc.) which are corroborated: https://ratiochristi.co.za/undesigned…

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