Beatification homily for John Paul I: just another occasion to bash people who love Tradition | Fr. Z’s Blog

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Today there was a ceremony held in St. Peter’s Square for the beatification of the short-lived Pope everyone forgets to remember, John Paul I, Luciani (+1978).

Beatification homily for John Paul I: just another occasion to bash people who love Tradition | Fr. Z’s Blog

In his sermon for the event, Francis seems to have doubled down on the message of Biden’s speech that was shouted against the luciferian red background.

Capita anche oggi: specialmente nei momenti di crisi personale e sociale, quando siamo più esposti a sentimenti di rabbia o siamo impauriti da qualcosa che minaccia il nostro futuro, diventiamo più vulnerabili; e, così, sull’onda dell’emozione, ci affidiamo a chi con destrezza e furbizia sa cavalcare questa situazione, approfittando delle paure della società e promettendoci di essere il “salvatore” che risolverà i problemi, mentre in realtà vuole accrescere il proprio gradimento e il proprio potere, la propria figura, la propria capacità di avere le cose in pugno.


The same thing happens today, at times of personal or societal crisis, when we are especially prey to feelings of anger or we fear things that threaten our future. We become more susceptible and thus, on the tide of emotion, we look to those who can shrewdly take advantage of the situation, profiting from society’s fears and promising to be the “saviour” who can solve all its problems, whereas in reality they are looking for wider approval and for greater power, based on the impression they make, their ability to have things in hand.

I’m pretty sure this is a shot at Bad Orange Man with a touch of self-projection, perhaps.

And then there’s this.

Con il sorriso Papa Luciani è riuscito a trasmettere la bontà del Signore. È bella una Chiesa con il volto lieto, il volto sereno, il volto sorridente, una Chiesache non chiude mai le porte, che non inasprisce i cuori, che non si lamenta e non cova risentimento, non è arrabbiata, non è insofferente, non si presenta in modo arcigno, non soffre di nostalgie del passato cadendo nell’indietrismo.


With a smile, Pope John Paul managed to communicate the goodness of the Lord. How beautiful is a Church with a happy, serene and smiling face, a Church that never closes doors, never hardens hearts, never complains or harbours resentment, does not grow angry or impatient, does not look dour or suffer nostalgia for the past, falling into an attitude of going backwards.

What a beautiful image Francis has of so many people who just want to have traditional worship.  Truly the heart of a pastor.

Meanwhile, Francis can really draw those big crowds.  The weather in the morning wasn’t perfect, but… sheesh.

Compare and contrast with the beatification of other Popes.   Even the not so beloved Paul VI.

Do we really need a photo of the crowd for John Paul II, beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011?

Here are the overflow crowds near Castel Sant’Angelo.

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