RORATE CÆLI: Final parish TLM in DC

The Diocese of Arlington has begun segregating those who attend the traditional Latin Mass from parish churches, a practice that

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After sex document at German Synodal Way is blocked, organizers vow to ‘take it to’ Rome – Catholic World Report

After bishops blocked a vote demanding changes to the Church’s teaching on sexuality at the German Synodal Way, organizers on

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Today’s “The Imitation of Christ” Book One Chapter V Of reading the Holy Scriptures

Today’s “The Imitation of Christ” episode

Evening Meditations for the Thirteenth Friday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Eutychius says that Jesus uttered these words with a loud voice that all hearing Him calling upon God His Father, all might understand He was the true Son of God. But St. John Chrysostom writes that Jesus cried with a loud voice to teach us that He did not die of necessity, but of His own free will, uttering so strong a voice at the very moment when He was so weak and about to end His life. This was in conformity with what Jesus had said during His life, that He voluntarily sacrificed His life for His sheep, and not through the will and malice of His enemies: I lay down my life for my sheep … No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself (Jo. x. 15, 18).

Francis’ Cryptic Remarks Raise Alarm Bells In The Church – YouTube

Is Francis telling the world he’s going to resign? He’d only do that if he was confident that his chosen

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LIVE: King Charles addresses the UK after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II – YouTube

RORATE CÆLI: Pope tells new Abbot of Solesmes: “I leave it to you to discern” how to implement Traditionis Custodes

Excerpts translated for Rorate from an Aleteia interview with the new abbot of Solesmes, Dom Geoffroy Kemlin, who just met

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Catholic Church calls move to legalize assisted suicide in Scotland ‘dangerous’ | Crux

Liam McArthur, a Liberal Democrat Member of the Scottish Parliament, lodged the final proposal for the Assisted Dying for Terminally

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German ‘synodal way’ presses on with votes after day of drama

The initiative was plunged into crisis after a text on sexual ethics failed to win a two-thirds majority among bishops.

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