The King to address Parliament’s Westminster Hall decade after Queen Elizabeth did the same

His Majesty will speak in Westminster Hall after accepting addresses of condolence from the House of Lords and House of

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On This Day Almost 800 Years Ago, the Practice of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Began| National Catholic Register

This Sept. 11 marks 796 years since perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament began in Avignon, France. On This Day

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Thoughts and observations from London – Catholic World Report

History has strange and powerful links. Thoughts and observations from London – Catholic World Report The atmosphere in London is

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Evening Meditations for the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The Divine Priest, Jesus Christ, Who was both Priest and Victim, by the sacrifice of His life for the salvation of men completed the Sacrifice of the Cross and accomplished the work of the world’s Redemption. By His death Jesus Christ stripped our death of its terrors. Until then it was but the punishment of rebels; but by grace and the merits of our Saviour it becomes a sacrifice so dear to God that when we unite it to the death of Jesus, it makes us worthy to enjoy the same glory that God enjoys, and to hear Him one day say to us, as we hope: Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord! (Matt. xxv.21).

Today’s “The Imitation of Christ” Book One Chapter VII Of avoiding vain hope and arrogance

Today’s “The Imitation of Christ” episode

Queen Elizabeth II Lived an Exemplary Life of Faithful Service| National Catholic Register

COMMENTARY: In an age in which Christian promise-keeping went into steep decline, the Queen’s life was marked by two great

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9/11 Revisited – Catholic World Report

If we want to call this a “war of civilization,” well and good, provided that we realize, following Christopher Dawson,

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King Charles III is proclaimed in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland

Simultaneous ceremonies staged in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have formally proclaimed Charles III as the King King Charles III

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“Synodal Way” votes to establish permanent “Synodal Council” to oversee Church and dioceses in Germany | Catholic News Agency

In a move aimed at achieving what critics have compared to communist councils in the Soviet Union, participants of the

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Doctors’ gathering to reflect on ‘Christian humanism’ – UCA News

World Congress of Catholic Physicians aims to transform people with both medicines and relationships Doctors’ gathering to reflect on ‘Christian

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